FRESH on The Net

April 6, 2006

Twas after an informal meeting of the FRESH committee on 6th April 2006 that the suggestion of setting up a blog for FRESH was mooted and this is the realisation of it.

Over the next couple of weeks, content will be added. It is envisaged that this will be a joint effort by HYWan, Razi and Affendy with generous help from WWF people like Carell Cheong, Thiaga and Hoay Hoay.

We'd love your feedback and comments.

For the moment, photographs of moderators are introduced. The others will be uploaded when available.

HYWan Leow Hoay Hoay

Man on the Hill.

Last week I had the opportunity to walk Bishop's Trail with Carell and the consultant who is heping with the signages along the trail. A very good specimen of a strangling fig which had completed its dastardly ambition is now available for close scrutiny.

Further along the trail, met this specimen of a wild banana in bloom.

Banana flower

6 Responses to “FRESH on The Net”

  1. Carell Says:

    Man! This is simply GR E A T!!!!!

  2. freshmy Says:

    This blog will be more informative as new entries are put in.


  3. Hoay2 Says:

    This looks more interesting. I like it! One comment though, need to change the time zone. =)

    Moderator: Time zone changed. Thanks for pointer 

  4. Thiaga Says:

    Hi Wan,
    Both the sites look impressive. I took the liberty to seek for response from some of our colleague in WWF-Malaysia office in PJ.
    Below are the feedbacks:
    Respondent 1 (Rejani-FRESH assoc member).
    a. Green colour for the background looks good.
    b. The address need to inserted with FRESH to maintain the identity
    c. Stress the need of a moderator
    Respondant 2. (Nor Shidawati)-FRESH assoc member).
    a. World Wildlife Fund need to be changed to World Wide Fund For Nature
    b. Stress the importants of a moderator and the need to sustain their effort.
    Respondant 3. (Ron Chacko)
    a. A moderator’s/ Moderators role has to do be clearly define with responsibility and accountability is properly spelt out.
    My comments are:
    1. Splendid work for a start because it immediately has increase the opportunity of our assoc member to communicate with us.
    2. I like both the sites but since blog has its limitation I agree with the wordpress.
    3. We need detail out the moderator i.e. who, roles and responsibility. I suggest fro a time being Wan, Radzi, Carel and myself to be the moderator on rotating basis.
    4. Could we include the attach function so that we could exchange some files (beside e-mail) through this way.
    5. We need to meet separately (perhaps the moderators and selected few) to discuss on the how we want to arrange the pages i.e home, about FRESH, upcoming events, completed activities, organisation structure, tourism, history, link and so on

  5. Thiaga Says:

    Hi All,

    I’m wondering how many of us are aware of this website. Could we send an e-mail or s-mail to all our members so that they will join us to glorify these effort.

    For the ‘need analysis’ as per our plan, I managed to secure Mr. Kishore’s time for the 24th of April at 8.30pm in Fraser’s Hill. I’m meeting him tommorrow(14/4)at 9.30am at his place. Rejani, WWF staf and FRESH associate member will be attending the session as well.

    As for the composting activity in terms of our visit to Pendang and their visit to FH for sharing technical knowledge and capacity building, I yet to contact them as no dates were fixed yet. I suggest FRESH need to trash out in the coming meeting, 28/4.

  6. Thiaga Says:

    Hi All,

    The site looks more impressive and rich now as compared to before. Thanks to the moderators and the rest for the contributions. Just want to point out some comments with the intention to improve further the site.
    a. When I browse through wikipedia, I noticed that it was mentioned The International Bird Race is organised by MNS but the fact is that it was organised by FHDC in collaboration with many stakeholders including MNS. We need to rectify it as it may create negatif reaction from FHDC.
    b. We need to update the WWF Malayisa on Fraser's Hill (in our associates coloumn). The Nature Education Centre is no longer in existence for example.
    c. Could we ask Stephen Hogg to upload article on his discovery on Spider to add the articles to environment-fauna coloumn ?

    d. What about other FRESH members or local comments, like their views on FH then and now and so on, could we make an effort to gather news and upload it?

    Many thanks

    Dear Mr. Thiaga,

    Thank you for your valued comments. Publicity on this blog is still on hold as attempts are made to improve the content. Your suggestions on content and involvement by the Hill People certainly needs attention.

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