Road Kill – Impressed Tortoise

April 27, 2006

I actually want to draw the attention of FRESH members and other interested parties on the above mentioned tortoise species, fondly known as the “Impressed Tortoise“ or scientifically recognised as Manouria impressa. Refererence at

Reason being about a month ago, my kids and I were driving along the “ Telecoms Loop “ and discovered the carcass of this particular species.

According to Wikipedia's Tortoise List, this particular species is currently categorised as vulnerable, meaning not critically endangered but close to being so.

In the past 12 years I’ve lived around this area, I have actually encountered several of these tortoise wandering around, especially near “ Kaniska “. Being slow movers, they are so susceptible to being victims of road kills and what more their shell colors camouflages them from being clearly seen or noticed.

I would like for FRESH to bring up this issue as a part of our conservation efforts. A suggestion would be to put up warning signs on “ Turtle Crossing “ at certain identified locations.

Thank you for your cooperation..

Yours sincerely,

Ahmad Razi Za'ba

Carell Cheong responds:

Dear Razi,

Your images show the concern of the tortoise vulnerable to road kills. Even though it may be a gruesome sight but the effect and message can be conveyed instantly to the reader.

Your suggestion to place signs like "Caution – Tortoise Crossing" at several identified spots is very good and must be highlighted in the blog . Who knows…..(wink…wink..) it might attract sponsors for this kind of conservation work. Please also highlight the sadder fact that XX number of eggs were found alongside the carcass. What a waste!!

Hope to see your article soon in the blog!


3 Responses to “Road Kill – Impressed Tortoise”

  1. Kitone Says:

    Recently my friends and I were at FH for some birdwatching. A similar tortoise was seen crossing the road near Telecom Loop. Being a nature lover, my friend got down from his car and in the drizzle, tried to shoo it to the side of the road. Attempts to carry it was futile as it was scared.

  2. Richard Struijk Says:

    Hello Razi,

    Pitty about the impressa, especially as she was carrying eggs. Although the idea is good, experience shows that signs don’t contribute to the adaptations that we would want from drivers. Mitigating measures such as fencing and culverts are probbaly the only method to prevent such casualties…..but these are expensive and should be maintained properly to permenantly work well.

    Regards, Richard Struijk (The Netherlands)

  3. Aquophis Says:

    Oh, that’s terrible! She was even pregnant – you can see the eggs she was carrying that spilled out when she died! I fully support your suggestion for a “Turtle Crossing” sign.

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