Dato’ Murad worked with Frank Delong in Kudat many years ago and forged a friendship that lasted for years. Mr. Delong returned to the United States and settled down in Alaska.

His memories of Malaysia and in particular Fraser’s Hill has compelled Frank and his wife Ruth to return to Malaysia as guests of Dato’ Murad to renew old ties.

Frank Delong’s love for nature and the outdoors had Dato’ Murad include Fraser’s Hill in his itinerary. Before he arrived, Frank Delong had requested Dato’ Murad to commission a brochure for visitors to the trails of Fraser’s Hill.

Frank and Ruth Delong were in Fraser’s Hill at noon on 4th February 2007 to launch the brochures.

Mr. Frank Delong is introduced. Here seated with Dr. Dino, CEO of WWF. Behind him is Datin Kay Ibrahim and Mr. Jason Netto.


Mr. Frank Delong gave a talk on the great outdoors in Alaska and describes the receding glaciers as an indication of global warming.


His talk had the audience giving him their full attention


From left: Asma Azral, Sanudure (FRESH), Dato’ Murad, Mokhtarruddin, Penghulu Syed Salleh and Ruth Delong.

Asmadi accepts the brochures for Silverpark Resort

Mokhtarruddin collects the brochures on behalf of Shahzan Inn

Group photograph for the event
Back row from left: Mokhtarruddin Khalid (Shahzan), Penghulu Syed Salleh, Datin Kay, Dato’ Murad, Ruth Delong, Frank Delong, Dr. Dino, Tony (Mutiara), Jason Netto (Pine Resort), Thiagarajan (WWF)
FRont row from left: Azma Azral (TM Resort Sri Intan), Sanudure (FRESH), Carrel Chen (WWF), Effendy (FRESH), Asmadi (Silverpark).

After the launch, the party adjoined for lunch at Silverpark Resort.

Dr. Dino, Frank Delong and Thiaga on the terrace of the restaurant in Silverpark.

2 Responses to “Frank Delong’s Treasure Trails”

  1. Carell Cheong Says:

    To all visitors to Fraser’s Hill

    Copies of the “Fraser’s Hill Treasure Trails” are available from the Tourist Infomation center and all major hotels and resorts in Fraser’s Hill. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy, please call 09-3622517 for assistance.

    Carell Cheong
    Fraser’s Hill Project Site

  2. Ahmad Razi Za'ba Says:

    I sincerely apologise for not being able to attend the launch. I truly admire Mr. Delong’s concern for the planet’s environment in general and Fraser’s Hill specifically and hope one day I can follow he’s footsteps. To those who attended the launch, the contents of the brochure ” Treasure Trails ” is a huge effort on Mr. Delong’s part to make us as the people of Fraser’s Hill to start realising the importance of preserving our heritage seating by our own doorsteps.

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