The brainstorming session was led by Mr. Kishokumar Jeyaraj, Ms Oi Soo Chin & Dr. Lim Boo Liat. Mr. Kishokumar facilated the meeting to identify the needs of FRESH as an organisation towards capacity building for FRESH.

The meeting identified and discussed the needs of FRESH to:

  1. Require Team Work
  2. Training
  3. Awareness regarding environment
  4. Office equipment
  5. Experience in managing activities
  6. Mendapat kerjasama daripada pendudok
  7. What we need to do to attract funds
  8. Activity to attract funds
  9. Second generation of FRESH members
  10. Freedom of information and speech
  11. Authorisation to act
  12. Education of FRESH membership
  13. Organisation discipline
  14. Increase activity
  15. Create a means of communication with authorities
  16. Mewujudkan satu komuniti yang prihatin & penyayang kapada alam sekitar
  17. Capacity building to communication with government agencies
  18. Support and cooperation from the authorities
  19. Perlu menjalan hubungan dengan NGO yang berasas alam sekitar
  20. Publicity
  21. Determine a fuller set of objectives.

The meeting the tasked the next committee meeting of FRESH to discuss these items:


  1. Capacity building workshop to manage FRESH
  2. Management training
  3. Nature tour guides
  4. Motivational training
  5. Environmental education
  6. IT Training
  7. Public Relation & Communication
  8. Fund raising
  9. Proposal writing
  10. Project Design



  1. Workshop “How to Create Environment Awareness”
  2. Office & Equipment
    1. Getting a project/activity
  3. Publicity forum (Exhibition, talks, buffet) for the local community
    1. Member get member
    2. Information package for FRESH
  4. Attract funds – training on fund raising and publicity
  5. FRESH Juniors – Nature or junior clubs in schools
    1. Activity – FRESH members to give talks to school children on specific topics related to nature

The meeting ended at 10.00 p.m. with a vote of thanks to Mr. Kishokumar, Ms Oi and Dr. Lim.

Our guests, Mr. Kishokumar is seated second from left, Ms Oi is directly behind him. Dr. Lim Boo Liat is seated on the left of Mr. Kishokumar.

Looks like the next FRESH committee meeting on 28th April 2006 will have a lot to discuss.

4 Responses to “Needs Analysis”

  1. M Riegstra Says:

    Dear Colleagues, Thank you for the extensive and well illustrated! report on the Fresh meeting. (only comment: wish I could identify the members attending: picture is too dark).
    Never mind, great start.
    There will be many more meetings, the challenge will be to progess into sustainable action. Regards, M Riegstra.

    MOTH: Thank you for your comment, it's noted. Bandwith considerations had the picture reduced in size. Will upload full size picture to be available when visitor clicks on smaller picture

  2. cmarie Says:

    Dear All,
    I’m impressed at the speed this webpage is being updated.
    Meeting yesterday and the info up today. Well done 😉
    Please keep us off-base members informed through email and updates.

  3. Thiaga Says:

    Hi Mr. Wan,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm impressed too with the what you have done.

    I just discussed on certain issues that need to be addressed in the FRESH meeting with regards to the outcome of the need analysis. Carell would share with the FRESH committee members before the meeting (28/4).

    It is set that Dato' Mike, Ms. Ivy Wong and Ms. Rejani will be there before the meeting to meet the FRESH committee members.


  4. Julien De Groote Says:

    Congratulations. From your agenda there is no doubt that you take the future of Fraser’s Hill very seriously. Publishing on the web the issues discussed immediately after the meeting is a powerful tool to use in your international fundraising. Please continue the way you have started and I am convinced that you will meet your objectives. Thank you all for the efforts you are making to develop Fraser’s Hill to an example of sustainable development. Julien De Groote – Belgium.

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