• In Malaysia, more than 30 species of pitcher plants are known. Of these, five species are endemic to Peninsular Malaysia and 24 to Sabah and Sarawak.
  • There are three species found in Fraser’s Hill and they are ALL endemic to Peninsular Malaysia.

  • The most common pitchers plants found in Fraser’s Hill is the Nepenthes sanguinea which literally means mysteriously red because of its color. It may be uniformly dull red or entirely green or green flushed or spotted with red. The pitchers are usually large, attaining length of 30 cm. Widespread in montane forest between 900 m – 1800 m above sea level.

Article courtesy of WWF Malaysia

Links (all open in new windows)
There is an excellent treatise on Nepenthes spp in a wiki here and on pitcher plants in general here.
The wiki on Nepenthes sanguinea can be found here.
Forest Ang has a collection of Malaysian Nepenthes photographs.
For the taxonomically minded, please refer to Danser's monograph on Nepenthes sanguinea.

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