It’s Cold

February 8, 2007

The past two weeks has been rather pleasant in Fraser’s Hill, the rains, like the floods in Johore is behind us. We seem to be enjoying lovely weather. A peek at the thermometer today showed a temperature of 16 degrees Celcius, had to tap the thermometer a bit to make sure the reading was correct. A check with the thermometer outside the club house in Silverpark Resort showed the same reading.

Last weekend, we had Dato’ Murad and Mr. Frank Delong visit us for the launch of a brochure.


It’s a New Year 2007

January 7, 2007

This blog has not been updated for a while. I have been travelling, but its no excuse not to have updated this blog. There is a new year resolution to do better for 2007.

Do help me keep this resolution.

Some events have occurred whilst I was away and is recorded here in the diary.

Beginning of 2007 also sees the departure of Ms Leow Hoay Hoay for a career change. We’re sad to see her leave but happy for her to seek her fortune on another direction.


Good luck Hoay Hoay, be healthy, prosperous and happy with your endeavours.


On 6th January, some of us gathered at Sri Peninjau to bid Hoay Hoay farewell.


I actually want to draw the attention of FRESH members and other interested parties on the above mentioned tortoise species, fondly known as the “Impressed Tortoise“ or scientifically recognised as Manouria impressa. Refererence at

Reason being about a month ago, my kids and I were driving along the “ Telecoms Loop “ and discovered the carcass of this particular species.

According to Wikipedia's Tortoise List, this particular species is currently categorised as vulnerable, meaning not critically endangered but close to being so.

In the past 12 years I’ve lived around this area, I have actually encountered several of these tortoise wandering around, especially near “ Kaniska “. Being slow movers, they are so susceptible to being victims of road kills and what more their shell colors camouflages them from being clearly seen or noticed.

I would like for FRESH to bring up this issue as a part of our conservation efforts. A suggestion would be to put up warning signs on “ Turtle Crossing “ at certain identified locations.

Thank you for your cooperation..

Yours sincerely,

Ahmad Razi Za'ba

Carell Cheong responds:

Dear Razi,

Your images show the concern of the tortoise vulnerable to road kills. Even though it may be a gruesome sight but the effect and message can be conveyed instantly to the reader.

Your suggestion to place signs like "Caution – Tortoise Crossing" at several identified spots is very good and must be highlighted in the blog . Who knows…..(wink…wink..) it might attract sponsors for this kind of conservation work. Please also highlight the sadder fact that XX number of eggs were found alongside the carcass. What a waste!!

Hope to see your article soon in the blog!


FRESH on The Net

April 6, 2006

Twas after an informal meeting of the FRESH committee on 6th April 2006 that the suggestion of setting up a blog for FRESH was mooted and this is the realisation of it.

Over the next couple of weeks, content will be added. It is envisaged that this will be a joint effort by HYWan, Razi and Affendy with generous help from WWF people like Carell Cheong, Thiaga and Hoay Hoay.

We'd love your feedback and comments.

For the moment, photographs of moderators are introduced. The others will be uploaded when available.

HYWan Leow Hoay Hoay

Man on the Hill.

Last week I had the opportunity to walk Bishop's Trail with Carell and the consultant who is heping with the signages along the trail. A very good specimen of a strangling fig which had completed its dastardly ambition is now available for close scrutiny.

Further along the trail, met this specimen of a wild banana in bloom.

Banana flower